Friday, March 10, 2006

Damn You, Mr. Thomas!

I've been trying to eat better this week (and only this week) by purchasing my own foodstuffs for breakfast from the local SuperFresh and hitting the treadmill at the gym (very sore right now). It's been a week of Toasted Corn (read: Chex ripoff) cereal, milk, coffee, yogurt, banana and a toasted English muffin with Jif Extra Crunchy Peanut Butter.

And by the way, peanut butter should, by law, always be extra crunchy. None of that creamy stuff. And never kept in the fridge like my mom does (she puts everything in the fridge it seems).

The coffee I've been enjoying this week is the Panama Carmen Estate from Hines Public Market Coffee of Canada. Delicious, bright, fruity, floral - most excellent.

The nice thing about making your own breakfast is you control when and how much. I like my English muffins to be nice and toasted. Crispy, brown-colored with all those savory nooks and crannies. Thomas' English Muffins always fit the bill. A couple of weeks ago I tried the Wegman's brand of English muffin: LAME. I could toast that bitch until it was charred and it still wouldn't be crunchy. The most important aspect of English muffin-dom and they screwed it up. Lame on you, Danny Wegman.

So I've been having this breakfast menu all week long. The problem is that I like the plain English Muffin. None of that raisins, sourdough or whatever else they're putting into muffins nowadays. Just give me plain. But how about giving me plain in the simple, old school six-pack? The only choice I had was to buy a 12-pack. And now, after a week, I still have a six-pack plus one English muffin left over. What am i going to do with this? The weekend is here. I don't eat at work on weekends. I've had English Muffins for five days in a row. I don't want more on the weekend.

So now these seven muffins are going to sit here and rot. Okay, I know there are starving people all over the world and I would FedEx my muffins to them but by the time they get there it will be too late.

Damn you, Mr. Thomas!!!!