Saturday, July 03, 2010

Dining On Rooftops

A selection of something to eat.

Eating out is an adventure, but after two weeks of eating out one has to slow down somewhere. Tonight instead of heading to some restaurant we decided to avail ourselves of the very nice rooftop deck and enjoy an evening of simple food, wine and a cigar.

Since my last visit to the hotel, they've completely redone the rooftop deck with astroturf and Fermob outdoor furniture, making for a stylish way to enjoy a cool Parisian evening. To top it off, we met a very nice couple from Yellowknife in Canada's Northwest Territories to share the evening and a baguette.

The Menu:

Veiteau Cheese from the market at Hotel deVille
Le Cayrolais Saucisson Sec
Baguettes from La Grenier A Pain
Cherries from Provence
2009 Touraine Amboise Loir et Cher
Butter and Mustard
Paul Garmirian Belicoso Maduro