Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Mexico City: Mercado Lazaro Cardenas

The Mercado

El Mercado Lazaro Cardenas.

Also known in this blog as: Mercado Del Valle.

Actually, I don't think anyone I met in Mexico City called it anything other than the mercado in Del Valle - at least not to this gringo. Of course, I'm American - I don't need to know its' proper name. It is whatever I think it is. Just like back in the States:

"Hey, you must be Mexican."

"No, I'm from Nepal."

"Whatever. You look Mexican to me."

And around it goes as we foster brotherly love and friendship around the world.

Thought that I would share the images of our visit last Saturday to the market in Del Valle. While it was a Saturday and not as busy as I thought it should be for a Saturday morning, we did find some interesting foodstuffs to consider. Oh, how I wish I had a kitchen to work out of and a couple more weeks in Mexico City. So many things to sample and try. Enjoy.


Pig parts. Yum.

Isn't "Fresh Fish" an oxymoron in Mexico City?

Beef Tripe aka "wet dog"

Corazon de Beouf


Y Muchos Chiles

Looks like smoked yams to me.


Vegetables Galore

Butchers preparing American commercial pork. I weep for Mexico.

Flor de Calabasa

Piloncillo and other sugars.

Freshly milled Mole Rojo and Mole Negro

So many varieties of dried beans.

Steaming hot Menudo ready for the eating.