Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom

Packages from Italy. Grazie!

Buying tickets in a venue you've never been to is a challenging proposition. Sure, the tickets are amongst the most expensive in the house, but just how far is that end section with the full frontal stage view from the actual stage? Especially when there are seats to the sides that are the same price? And you don't have enough command of Italian to really understand if that section you think you're buying is actually the section you are paying for.

Then comes the decision: pickup the tickets at the box office or have it delivered for a fee? Picking it up in a foreign country means that I don't risk losing it. It also means I have to bring along the credit card I used to pay for the ticket, which means risking running up another balance while traveling. Either way, it costs. Perhaps it's cheaper to have it delivered.

With the clock running down on my time at home, I started to wonder when the tickets would arrive. The website didn't specify how they would be sent so I was hoping that they would be sent rather quickly. Otherwise, the ticket arrives after I leave and I spend more money having it FedEx'd to me in Europe. Again, more money.

Lady Gaga - even the ticket is fashionable in golden yellow.

When I arrived home this afternoon, the bright yellow DHL envelope was there to greet me. Inside was the ticket I had been waiting for. After gazing at it with admiration (this is the first concert ticket I've purchased in years, afterall), I carefully placed it in my wallet with my passport and immunization card to make sure that it would make it with me to Europe.

Now, with ticket in hand, I will be in Milan on Sunday, December 5th for The Monster Ball Tour of Lady GaGa.

If anyone else is in town, give me a call!