Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Morning

A fried egg topping.

I'm not always a typical breakfast eater. I like to eat whatever comes to mind. It's why I used to love Jack In The Box while living in Hawaii. You weren't forced to only eat breakfast sandwiches, like at McDonald's. Jack In The Box in the 90s offered a limited menu of hamburgers (including their Ultimate Cheeseburger) and french fries all day long. So while the rest of world chowed on breakfast sandwiches and hash browns, I feasted with a cheeseburger and fries. Lovely.

Today, it's time to get rolling and I've got a sandwich on the mind. Specifically a BLTEgg sandwich. And I've got all the ingredients handy!

Start off with three strips of Applewood Smoked Bacon from Springfield Farm, heated slowly in the cast iron skillet until it cooks and crisps. Gotta take it slow to get the right consistency. Tossed a couple of slices of Country White bread from Attwater's Bakery into the toaster for that crunchy texture juxtaposition that I love. A couple of thin slices of havarti cheese to go on top of one slice. Once the toast is done, I hold it in the oven at 200F and let the cheese melt over the crispy toast.

Meanwhile, there's some romaine lettuce hiding in the back of the fridge and I spy a jar of Hellman's Mayonnaise, oh and gotta remember to grab my jar of newly made Tomato Confit (I'm now out of fresh tomatoes). Layer it all together: bottom slice with mayo, tomato confit, lettuce, strips of bacon - and then the final ingredient: fried egg.

Grab an egg from Springfield Farm, crack it into a nonstick pan and heat slowly. This time I want the egg to cook and look evenly white. High heat will carmelize and crust the whites and I don't want that today. Cover with a pan (or cover) to cook the egg evenly on top (no runny raw stuff), season with salt and pepper and slide on top of the bacon.

Top with the other slice of bread (with the melted havarti cheese) and eat.

I had mine with a side of Chili and Garlic potato chips I imported from Canada and a bottle of Sarsi Cola from the Philippines. Tasty.

Hope your morning was as good as mine.

The Sandwich, some chips, a Sarsi and a book.