Friday, July 31, 2009

ph: Getting Floored

A portion of the floor filled with putty.

project hampden continues with floor work. The original hardwook oak floors are just gorgeous and it seems such a waste to cover them with any kind of flooring that I'm attempting to fill in the gaps between boards with stainable wood putty. Food service environments require washable floors and I'm hoping that a filled-in wood floor with heavy coats of polyurethane will be satisfactory for our inspector.

There's nothing like sitting/lying on the floor filling in gaps in the floor. It's slow and painstaking work. I haven't quite decided if I'm enjoying it, but maybe.

The back room's floors were painted white years ago and Spike had the great idea of sanding it down until it looked translucent and then sealing it. Good idea. Putty today, sanding starts next week.