Friday, November 05, 2010

Spro Report, October 2010

Sales numbers are in for October 2010 and I thought I would share some statistics with the readership. Since Spro Hampden's coffee program is unique in the industry I was wondering how it might compare to other coffee programs out there.

The first two numbers comprise total coffee sales for October and the breakdown between brew bar and espresso-based beverages. Brewed Coffee totals include all coffees brewed via Vac Pot, Chemex, Pour Over, Eva Solo, Abid Clever, Aeropress, French Press and Cold Drip Tower for iced coffee.

Brewed Coffee - 44.3%
Espresso Drinks - 55.6%

These next figures are a breakdown of the various beverages made on the espresso bar with espresso coffee as a base component. These figures are the percentages of the 55.6% that comprises part of the Total Coffee Sales for October.

Latte - 31.5%
Cappuccino - 22.2%
Americano - 13%
Mocha - 9%
Espresso - 7.3%
Macchiato - 3.9%

As a side note, during the month of October 2010, these are the coffees that we served on the brew bar:

Amaro Gayo, Ethiopia, custom roast - 14.9%
Benavente, Guatemala, Stumptown NYC - 13.3%
Finca El Injerto, Stumptown - 1.0%
Finca La Tinta, Honduras, Ecco Caffe - 5.7%
Finca Lerida, Panama, Origins Organic - 4.4%
Finca Mauritania, El Salvador, Counter Culture - 1.4%
Karumandi Peaberry, Kenya, Barefoot Coffee - 10.2%
La Laguna - 1.6%
La Pira Dry Cherry, Costa Rica, Barefoot Coffee - 5.9%
Mordecofe, Ethiopia, Stumptown - 0.7%
Ruvuma, Tanzania, Callao Coffee - 1.9%
Santa Barbara Estates, Brazil, Tim Wendelboe - 0.9%
Sidama Silcho, Ethiopia, Intelligentsia - 1.2%
Thiriku, Kenya, Counter Culture - 2.3%
Yirgacheffe Natural, Ethiopia, Origins Organic - 15.1%
Decaf Valle del Santuario, Peru, Counter Culture - 4.4%

Throughout October, seventeen coffees (one missed inclusion in these stats) were offered to our guests in addition to our standard Hines Espresso from Origins Organic Coffee of Vancouver, BC. Guest espressos finding their way into our hoppers during the month of October included E-27, Apollo and Toscano from Counter Culture and the single origin El Tambor Guatemala from Ecco Caffe.