Friday, October 22, 2010

San Isidro en Monserrate

Another 500 meters or so above Bogota.

High above the city of Bogota is Monserrate. A Catholic place overlooking the city with gorgeous views. Last year we came to Monserrate and it was amazing. Visit at night and it's breathtaking.

Luis Fernando was hosting us for a dinner at Restaurante San Isidro, a colonial looking building serving classic French with a Colombian twist. Nothing too modern in interpretation. More Old World and Old School. The service is very old world. Lots of waiters running about to take care of every need.

Our table of regulars.

As you ride the teleferico or cable car to the top of the mountain, you're treated to wondrous views of the city. Suddenly, all of Bogota is laid out at your feet and even the roof of the taller skyscraper in Bogota is way down below. Testament to the fact that no matter how far we've progressed, we still are not better than Mother Nature.

It's a relatively clear and moonlit night. Some clouds are scattered around the city below, making for a dramatic scene.

2009 Graffigna Malbec - still a bit green.

Our meal is good and decent. Classic French. It's tasty and filling. But enough about that - just enjoy.

Danilo: Happy.

Creme D'asperge Verde Au Crabe Bleue - crema de esparragos con jaiba y julianas de salmon ahumada.

Carre De Veau Aux Champignons - Carre de Ternera Parrillada en salsa champinones y vino blanco acompanado de fetuchinis.

Merou Gratine A La Moutarde De Maux - filete de mero gratinado con mostaza antigua, rebosado en salsa de vino, acompanado de pure y chips de arracacha.

Mont Blanc.

Crepe Suzette

Iglesia de Monserrate

Looking to the north.

Campeonato Day Two

One of our coordinators: Camila.

A Morning Americano.

Camila, Nathalia & Paola prepare for the day.

Judges Nathalie & Diana.

Tech Judges Ian and Danilo plot their scoring.

Juan Valdez's Mauricio Romero (the reigning champion) performs.

Judging Mauricio.

The serious competitor wears gloves during prep.

Judges geeking out on how fast they can start/stop the timer...

And end of day, waiting for Brent and Scott, plate of Tacos Carnitas.