Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thai Patio

Green Papaya Salad

Pad See Ewe

Crispy Pork Salad

Pad Thai

Our tribe eats.

Crispy Mango Trout

Panang Chicken

Passing plates.

Grilled beef

The Crew: David, Alyssa, Bob, Ted, Gerry, George and Gary.

It's Always Sunny In L.A.

L.A. in the rain.

A nice croissant and cappuccino at Intelligentsia Silver Lake.

Old Haunts: Picking up swag at Panavision Hollywood.

New hotness: Canon 7D video rig with matte box and follow focus ring at Birns & Sawyer.

The Double Down at KFC - tastes like chicken.

Settling in across from the Viper Room.

A beautiful smoke at the Cuban Seed Cigar Company.

The Porn King prepares pre-Laphroaig scotch.

The Bob, The Gerry and The Ted are in town from Honolulu, Baltimore and Atlanta, respectively.