Friday, December 28, 2007

I Am What I Eat?

I was sent this quiz by a fellow Firefly - Serenity fan and just couldn't resist trying. Those of you familiar with the show will remember many of the answers to the questions to be directly from the show. It's fun.

It's interesting and while I am sexy, sensual and skilled - with a serious deficiency in the expressing my emotions department, I do not "swing both ways."

Which Firefly character are you?

You are Inara, the registerred Companion. you are sexy, sensual and skilled, yet have trouble admitting to your emotions. You swing both ways.
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So give it a try and see who you come up as. Of course, if you're not a fan, or know the show, this will be meaningless.

And while it would have been nice to have the piloting chops of Wash, the weapons and killing skills of Jayne, the mechanical genius of Kaylee, the faux-granite disposition of Mal, the reverence of Book, the medical skills of Simon or the psychosis of River, my favorite has always been Inara.

But, I do not "swing both ways."