Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Resolution: Eat More Chilaquiles

Ode to Chilaquiles - eggs, bacon, tortilla chips, onions, crema and salsa rojo.

While I'm typically against New Years' Resolutions perhaps there's one I ought to consider: a pledge to eat more Chilaquiles in 2008.

This is a shot of my first Chilaquiles of the new year. I had been thinking about making chilaquiles for a couple of weeks but I've been lazy to buy the ingredients and cook them up. Actually, I did go out and buy some tomatoes, I just didn't feel like boiling the water to peel them. Yes, I know I'm not being dedicated to the craft. I know, I know.

As I was digging through the freezer, looking for some chicken stock to use for chilaquiles, I spied some salsa rojo para chilaquiles I had made and frozen back in October waiting for my return. there were four pints of the stuff - a triumph!

After a night in the fridge defrosting, it was time for chilaquiles to make a return. I had some chips from Tortilleria Sinaloa lying around the house, fried up some Springfield Farms bacon and eggs, smothered the chips with the salsa rojo, sliced white onions, Mexican crema and crumbled queso fresco. Serve with some French-pressed Hacienda La Esmeralda Panama coffee from Paradise Roasters and all is good in the world.

Top Ten Restaurant Meals of 2007

Everyone seems to be coming out with their Top Ten Lists and I thought I might as well be a joiner. Here are some of my favorite meals and places to eat from my 2007 Adventures:

1. per se - New York, New York
2. Woodberry Kitchen - Baltimore, Maryland
3. El Bajio - Mexico City, Mexico
4. Tsukiji Market - Tokyo, Japan
5. El Vip Sito - Mexico City, Mexico
6. Charlie Trotter's - Chicago, Illinois
7. Alinea - Chicago, Illinois
8. Castelli Restaurant - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
9. Sanuki No Sato - Gardena, California
10. Edelweiss - Frankfurt, Germany