Thursday, February 04, 2010

ph: The Final Bits, sort of

Mr. Musotto working his detail magic.

It's the final hours before our building and health inspections tomorrow. The contractors have finished their work, the equipment has been installed, and Tony and his father are installing some of the last pieces of architectural detail that will shape project hampden.

No one really thinks about transitions. It's really a small detail that most people miss. That threshold from hallway floor to bathroom tile seems insignificant - until you walk and trip on the tile edge.

I've known Tony since freshman year high school and his craftsmanship is unparalleled. Carefully and painstakingly hand-crafted, he created the custom transition for Jays Shave Ice and while he was a bit busy to handle some of the other build out work, I wanted him to have a hand in project hampden. So when the transitions came up for the bathroom and the exterior lab door, I knew I wanted him on it.

Tony installing the custom, hand-made oak transitions. Gorgeous.

While Tony's handiwork is obvious, it's the finish detail of his father that really makes it shine. The painstaking detail work is equally gorgeous and the seams and nail holes disappear as if by magic.

One of the things that I try to pay attention to are the small details. The transitions are something that 99.9% of our visitors won't notice, but that small percentage of visitors who do I expect will be impressed the fit, finish and craftsmanship.

Meanwhile, the intrepid baristas of project hampden were let loose on the space to clean, shine and polish their new home in anticipation of tomorrows inspections. Here are some images:

The Lab stands ready to serve.

Mazzer Majors, Compak K10WBC and a gift from Reg Barber.

Clean enough to open in the morning. But not yet.