Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Good Earth

I've been back from Atlanta for well over a week now and while we had quite a number of adventures in the South, I guess I'll get to writing about it sometime in the non-committal future. Meanwhile, it's back to work at The Spro, reviewing leases, developing new standards, training new baristas and writing an article for Barista Magazine.

Instead, I thought I would share with you some of the swag I brought back from Hotlanta:

- Brazil Daterra from our friends at Ogawa Coffee in Tokyo
- La Marzocco demitasse
- a gorgeous Reg Barber Knockbox
- an assortment of coffee pins from World Champion Gwilym Davies, Reg Barber, Oswaldo Acevedo, Barista Exchange and Brewed Behavior
- custom Le Spro tampers for The Spro baristas by Reg Barber
- Dorman's full length apron from John and Claire in Kenya
- Spring Espresso from Square Mile Coffee Roasters
- Reg Barber t-shirts
- Green sample from Franklin Madrid, Honduras
- Colonia San Juan 8 Estrellas from Square Mile Coffee Roasters
- Ed's Roasted Peanuts from the Counter Culture Party
- SCAA Press Pass and Turner Broadcasting Pass
- Glass Coke from World of Coca-Cola
- Sethurama Estates cap