Saturday, June 12, 2010

HonFest: Day One in Photos

Jack surveys The Avenue.

Setting up shop.

Lindsay and filteros de Chemex.

Jeremy seeks a new perspective.

Jeremy and the iPad.

The Nose Knows.

Devlin spots a UFO.

The crew creates a home for the iPad.

This Hon was a throwback to my youth - I remember women looking exactly like her.

iPad holder - Thanks for the box Barefoot Coffee!

The stand in front of The Spro.

Derrick sautee-ing veggies.

Staff Meal: stir-fried veggies by Derrick, dashii by Jeremy and soba by me.

Mid-Afternoon snack: potato chips and funnel cake.

The Lemon Bomb from Soup's On.

Staff Meal - Dinner: Norwegian Salmon, steamed rice, sauteed veggies and furikake.

Sunset on The Avenue, Hon.

Eat My Frozen Banana

Battle Cupcake

Mom's Red Velvet, Fresh's Vanilla with strawberry icing and Fresh's red velvet.

Mimi stopped by the shop to tell me about the new cupcake place that opened in Towson Town Center and in a booth ten meters outside of Spro for HonFest. Huh???

She introduced me to Michael, the owner, a good-natured fellow who's selling a selection of square-shaped cupcakes. They looked delicious, so I had to sample a couple.

Spying their red velvet cupcake I knew I had to do a head-to-head comparison and bought one plus a vanilla cupcake with strawberry icing.

Back inside Spro, the testing started in the lab - even with all the frenzy of HonFest scurrying around us. The testing/tasting would be simple: take a few bites and compare.

First up was the vanilla cupcake with strawberry icing. The cake was moist and sweet, not heavy on the vanilla but with a light sweetness. The icing though was the the highlight. Fresh, crisp, a bit of acid - the strawberries had to be fresh because the flavor just exploded in the mouth. Lovely.

Pitting the Red Velvets against each other proved really interesting. Most red velvets tend to be dry. The Fresh version was moist and had a nice mouthfeel and still had the same sweetness that I noted in the vanilla. However, it lacked a distinct cocoa flavor - which is the hallmark of red velvet cake. Lightly sweet and moist, it just did not have that essential cocoa character.