Friday, March 16, 2007



Another moment of psychosis and the credit card is maxed out.

Not too long ago, I ventured to Alinea Restaurant in Chicago where I experienced this frozen sort of Ponzu. It was such an interesting experience that I must find a way to recreate a similar experience at Spro Coffee and the coming Nail Salon Espresso.

So, in a moment or two of wild, credit card blazing fantasy, I've gone ahead and ordered the Anti-Griddle from Polyscience where I will join the ranks of Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Charlie Trotter, Guy Rubino, Thomas Keller and Grant Achatz - if not in skill then at least in equipment glory.

What is this "anti-griddle," you ask? Well, it's some sort of fangled contraption that has a griddle plate that hovers at -40 degrees celcius that starts to freeze anything you place on its' surface, hence the name "anti-griddle." It will be mine and I have no idea what I'm going to do with it once I've tried sticking my tongue on the surface (just to see what happens).

Jim at Polyscience told me that there's a four to six week waiting period for the AntiGriddle. With any luck, it will be here in time for my entry in the United States Barista Championship in Long Beach and I'll be able to pay for it with my winnings as champion....hehehe....

The AntiGriddle - what's in your wallet?