Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CO - Flying High Again

Climbing out of BWI.

Checking in with my iPhone at IAH.

I chose the fish. IAH-MGA.

And a little cheesecake for dessert.

Happy 70th Mom!

Dad & Mom at G&M.

I've flown back home for about 36 hours (or so) to do some paperwork for Spro and to wish my mom a Happy Birthday. She's 70 years old and I'm about jet off once again (this time: Nicaragua).

Was hoping to do a more formal meal with my parents but with the snowy weather and the short timeframe home, it had to be lunch on the way to the airport. Mom said she wanted crabcakes and G&M isn't too far from BWI so off we went. Big crabcakes. Massive crabcakes and very quick service meant that things were smooth and easy.

Note: skip the cream of crab soup and go for the Maryland Crab Soup.

Happy Birthday Mom!

The Crabcake at G&M.

And of course, fries.