Sunday, August 22, 2010


Asya and Chuck Clark's Crispy Squash Blossoms.

We're back out on the hunt for a weekend midday meal and at b bistro in Bolton Hill. It's a nice-looking joint, kinda modern with a promising menu. The squash blossoms were okay but the batter broken and kinda oil laden. Asya's plate was the winner of the meal with perfectly cooked bacon. And while the menu offered a Prince Edward Island mussels in a green curry sauce with fries, I made the dumb mistake of ordering the waffles.

Not to say that the waffles were bad because they were fine - properly cooked. It's just that they were, well, just plain waffles and there wasn't anything very exciting about them. Just plain, old waffles.

No coffee for me, just tea.

Two Eggs, Truck Patch Bacon, Toast & Salad.

Waffles, just plain old waffles.

b bistro
1501 Bolton Street
Baltimore, MD 21217-4275
(410) 383-8600