Friday, February 18, 2011

Campeonato Salvadoreno de Baristas, Day Two

Station One and Two. In the Gran Via Mall.

The Gathering.

Judges ready for another round.

My Day Two Judging Team: Ernesto Velasquez (s), Jorge Villacorta (s), Jorge Escobar (t), Paola Salazar (coordinator), Yours Truly (h), Gabriella De Leon (s), Claudia Torres (t) and Guillermo Valdez (s).

Luis Rodriguez and his baby!

Our entire Judging team: Yours Truly, Beatriz Valdez, Andreas Giron, Johanna Rodriguez, Luis Rodriguez, Camilo Galvis, Francisco Palarea, Guillermo Valdez, Claudia Torres, Gabriella De Leon, Mauricio Calderon, Jorge Villacorta and Rob Tuttle.

Pollo Campero Dos

Rob and Camilo discuss the finer points of Campero.

All things in moderation...

Yesterday we didn't have the regular chicken, just the fingers and nuggets. After our triumphant showing on Salvadorean radio, we were hungry and where did we want to go? Pollo Campero, of course.

Of course, once was enough. But no, I thought it would be a good idea to order a salad as a nod to "healthy eating." What I didn't account for was the probability that the lettuce was washed in the normal water, which would lead to my eventual demise...

Fried shrimp.

The REAL Pollo Campero.

Hot Wings.

On Univision

Dear Univision, please send me a buxom co-host...

As we toured the newsroom floor, I spied the Univision sign hanging above a small studio tucked into the corner. The El Salvador bureau of Univision. Suddenly visions of buxom co-hosts and Latina television stars danced in my mind and I knew that I had to become part of the sensation.

With a little prodding and self-invitation to the president of La Prensa, I eager asked for a looksee and perhaps even a photo op.

Jay on Univision. I've finally "made it." Woot Woot!!!

Better Than Podcasting

Hell, a real Linotype - for all you printer geeks out there.

After our morning cupping at the Consejo, Paola asked us if we would be interested in making an appearance on Radio La Prensa. In Spanish. "Por su puesto, Senorita!"

And off we went to the grand offices of La Prensa Grafica, across from the American Embassy where we attempted to enter the lexicon of San Salvador.

Your mouth goes here.

Of course, with the exception of Camilo and Jorge Escobar, our Spanish is atrocious. English would have to be our modus operandi. Over the course of an hour, we discussed coffee, the rising coffee prices and the impact of barista culture. It was a good time, in a small, warm and sonically "dead" room. Our Consejo photographer, as well as the La Prensa photographer made it seem as though we were celebrities worthy of Jay Leno.

Then with much ado, we were thrust back into the sunlight and humidity of San Salvador to resume our journey back to the mall to judge Day Two of the championship.

Almost like being on Howard Stern. But with clothes.

Jorge Escobar drops even more Science...

A promo shot with our hosts German and Iris.

The Radio Superstars of El Salvador.

Pacamara... QUE???

Preparing our cupping session at the Consejo.

Few things are as irritating when visiting the Consejo than to be told that the one coffee that everyone agrees is the standout, and the one you want to buy, is the very one that has been cornered by PT Coffee's Jeff Taylor.


I'm talking about the Los Planes Pacamara. Juicy, citric, bright and brilliant with oranges. Fantastic. I want more. I NEED more. But alas, it's all controlled by the aforementioned world traveler and Colombiana lover, Jeff Taylor.

Uuufff, that's MASSIVE!

Hot water.

Tuttle smells.


Jorge Escobar drops by to drop some Science...