Monday, June 21, 2010

22G to 40D - Mistake or Genius?

C7 Madness


Ever since I fell a category in status in February, after failing to make the additional 15,000 miles, I've been fending for myself like regular people. Where once an international itinerary meant automatic entry into the Red Carpet Club to pad myself from the horrors of flying coach, I'm back out in the cold looking in.

Without status, my upgrade request is flung down the ladder to 13th. There are only 4 open seats left in Business Class...

With no status and no Business Class seat, I could pay fifty bucks or 7,000 miles to use the lounge. Calculating a mile at $.03, that's equivalent to $210! Makes the fifty bucks seem downright reasonable.

Either way, it's still too much and I'm going to tough it out with the AirServices crew of Ethiopians, the Persian mother and child to my left and the large Indian family behind me for the next two hours until it's time to board.

Next stop: Heathrow.

Dulles Security

Riding In Planes With Bahn Mi

Pre-Flight Meal

The Commute Begins