Thursday, May 31, 2007

Broken Nails

I'm sad to report here on The Onocoffee Blog that Nail Salon Espresso will not be happening.

While just a day ago I thought we were on the same path as the landlord, today I see that we are not. Last night as I was leaving The Spro, I noticed that a crew was working in the space that was to be Nail Salon Espresso. I had sent off a finalized and ready-to-go lease to the landlord at the end of April before I left for SCAA. Hadn't heard from him since. Even sent off a couple of e-mails to see how things were progressing. Nothing.

You know, I don't mind losing a potential location. I do mind it when the people you're dealing with don't have the courtesy to let you know that there's no longer a deal to be made. It's disappointing (to say the least).

It's also disappointing because Nail Salon Espresso was designed to be something special for East Towson. Not only was it going to be the most forward-thinking espresso bar in Baltimore (even more than The Spro), it was going to roast single-origin coffees on a beatiful copper-jacketed Petroncini The Crumb 3 kilo roaster, and it was going to feature The Sunday Brunch - a four seat only, chef and barista driven multi-course tasting menu on Sundays with a visiting chef each brunch.

Oh well, no sense in crying over spilled espresso. Time to move forward to the next adventure.