Monday, May 24, 2010

County General

Hangar, mixed greens, rice, Malbec and cigar.

Some of my friends are constantly trying to get me to move into Baltimore City. I think they're crazy. Out in the county, life is good. I get to escape the city life and return to quiet and peacefulness. No people banging on doors, no more tomfoolery. Just greenery, forests, rolling hillsides and horses (along with other miscellaneous wildlife). I can even have a car.

Some of the nicest moments of living out on the edge of the country is that on a nice day I can pull out the grill and have a nice meal al fresco. Out in the open sunshine I can open up a chair, unfold the table, torch up the grill and enjoy myself a grilled steak, a nice wine and a flavorful cigar.

This evening's menu consists of Springfield Farm hanger steak butterflied for quick grilling, a quick side mixed greens salad, a bottle of Trapiste Broquel Malbec 2008 from Argentina, and a punchy PG unlabeled cigar. Add a couple friends and a little Crissa, and life is good in the suburbs...