Friday, August 28, 2009

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

Rushing towards San Francisco at a not so high velocity.

For by visit to the Bay Area, Hertz gave me a new Nissan Altima. They originally offered me a minivan but a proper bachelor in San Francisco says "no" to a minivan - only a true 1978 Chevy "Love" van with tinted oval windows and shag carpeting will do.

The Altima is pretty slick. Smooth, compact and powerful. Tiptronic transmission and I'm thinking I too could drive like Dale Earnhardt Jr (sans wall, please). Stomp on the gas and the power comes on nicely. Before you know it, you're pushing 95mph and wondering if that helicopter shadowing you is D.E.A. or the California Highway Patrol.

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Altima rests before prowling in Burlingame.

In-N-Out On The Fry

Double Double, Fries and a Coke.

I'm rolling out ot San Francisco today and risking missing my flight to Victoria because I've diverted to In-N-Out Burger in Millbrae. I know all about the "secret" menu but I can't get anough of the simple Double Double burger with pickles, lettuce, tomato, onions and good ole' Amerkun cheese.

And as much as I enjoy In-N-Out, I have to be honest: the fries suck. They cut the fries fresh and then finish fry them in oil, resulting in a fry that never gets quite crips and always turns soggy. For such a great burger, the fries have always been an utter disappointment. Luckily, I was customer number three today and the girl had plenty of time to fry my fries a little extra crisp. Turns out these were the best fries I've ever eaten at In-N-Out. I just wish they would blanch the fries first. Then nothing could assail In-N-Out.

Oh well, on to Victoria...

Proportional Goodness.

Another Double Double and Fries for the flight to Victoria.