Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The New York Sun???

Since The Spro is located inside a public library, there are always newspapers, magazines and books lying around. Last week, when I came in to check on the girls, I noticed a paper sitting on the counter and started reading it.

Inside was a review about a new restaurant that is located in Manhattan. Why is the Baltimore Sun doing an article about a New York restaurant? What about hometown restaurants?" I chalked it up as being "typical" of The Sun.

As I continued reading through the paper, I started to think: "Man, The Sun's writing certainly has improved." The writing was vastly superior to the elementary-level prose I'm used to reading in the paper. I couldn't believe that our hometown paper was improving itself.

That's when the situation hit an alarm in my head and I went back to look at the masthead. It read:

The New York Times