Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Tempting of The Face


It's everywhere. Everyone is doing it. And, happily, they don't allow you to put up silly wallpapers and graphics like MySpace.

Some people are addicted. I'm just going along for the ride and finding all sorts of friends old and new along the way. Originally, I didn't even want to do the Facebook thing. I already had pages on MySpace, Friendster and LinkedIn - wasn't that enough? But a good friend forced me to join and here I am updating the "Jay is..." every few days and chatting with old friends in my spare time.

Then, the unexpected happened. I found someone I hadn't spoken to in eighteen years. I don't know what possessed me to punch her name in, but I did, and there she was. Maybe I should say "hello." Maybe I shouldn't. I didn't act very kind the last time. It wasn't my finest moment. Back then I was young, arrogant and egotistical (I'm much mellower now, I promise). I thought the world was mine and I could do no wrong. In short, I fucked it all up. And fucked it up good.

When faced with decisions of a perilous nature, I consult with friends of the feminine kind. They're unanimously supportive about going for it. "How bad could it have been?" Lupe asked me. Pretty bad, I think. I spoke some pretty harsh words that I immediately regretted but was too absorbed in ego to admit that I was wrong. Dumb.

I don't know what I will do. I haven't decided. Maybe it's too late. Ah, what's the worse that could happen?

Damn you, Facebook. Damn you to Hell!!!!