Saturday, July 09, 2011

Passion Of The Pastor

This guy is one of my culinary heroes.

I'm back in Mexico City and one of our first stops is to my all-time favorite taco joint, El Vilsito on Universidad. I've written about this place before and it's still the best Tacos Al Pastor anywhere. Soft, juicy marinated pork with a slice of roasted pineapple - I dream of making pastor this good at home. And this time I got to share it with a friend.

Some of you may follow The Mija Chronicles and I may have mentioned that blog before. Lesley is someone I've followed and emailed a little when exploring El De Efe's food scene and I was a bit more than excited to share with her a place that I knew: El Visito. After a couple confused tweets, we just so happened to be at Vilsito at the same time - the glasses and entourage of photojournalists carrying large lenses giving them away. "You must be Lesley" was my opening line and it was a pleasure to meet someone whose blog I actively follow and who shares a similar passion not only for Mexican cuisine (hers is deeper ingrained) but a person who is also as passionate about conchas and the conviction that Bondy's conchas are just about the best around.

Nice to finally meet you, Lesley!