Friday, November 02, 2007

Even More from "The Kitchen"

This was my late-night supper. Two new specials at Woodberry Kitchen. Locally farmed shrimp cooked in the brick oven with onions and a tomato-based sauce and beef & raisin stuffed bell pepper.

The shrimps were thoughtfully peeled but served with the head-on, which is something I can appreciate. For the Asian in me, it's always a pleasure to suck the guts out of a head of shrimp. There's a couple of tiny, but flavorful, morsels in there for the knowledgeable. My first thought was: "how nice a touch this will be for their Asian clients", followed by: "how horrified some of their American clients will be." I find it a strange oddity how America has a hard time dealing with food that hasn't been beheaded. Maybe it's guilt. The shrimp were nicely done and served wonderfully hot. A few deft moves with my knife and these big shrimp were mine.

The stuffed pepper was also cooked in the oven and served hot. Nice flavor to the beef that's crisply accented with the sweetness from the raisins and the sweet twang of the bell pepper. I enjoyed it.