Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Morning Roast

A full sack of Idido Misty Valley beans from Ethiopia awaits its' slaughter.

Sundays have become the days that I hate to leave my house. It's the one day a week that I enjoy being home and don't want to work. Of course, "work" always follows me and that can't be helped. But it's usually enjoyable work that I choose to do rather than must do.

Today, I decided to smoke the chiles habanero and black beans I picked up yesterday at the Waverly Farmers' Market. Got the smoker set up and realized that I should roast some coffee while I'm at it as well, so I fired up the Petroncini.

It was a good time. Spent the morning roasting up three batches of Mexican Chiapas and one batch of Misty Valley. I'm a neophyte roaster so I'm having some consistency issues, but no matter - we press on. Lunch will be in a couple hours, so I tossed a ribeye into the lower half of the smoker and let it do God's Work.

After lunch, I took my siesta then proceeded for an afternoon round of roasting a variety of coffee samples from Royal New York and another batch of Misty Valley. The peppers and beans were done, so pulled those out to cool. A couple hours later, I've got fifteen pounds of coffee, a six pan of dried habaneros and two pounds of smoked black beans. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.