Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Joy of Barista

Rebecca, Ilenia and Devlin through the looking glass.

Maybe I've said this before, but I sometimes wonder if my crew knew what they were getting themselves into when they started down this path with me. Most baristas know how to make coffee using an espresso machine but few of them know how to tear one apart, move it and install it somewhere else.

Most baristas know how to wash their dirty cups in the sink, but few of them know how to install the sink and the plumbing to the sink.

And most baristas know how to work in a space, and few of them have learned how to build that space.

Jess, Kimmy and Jeremy install water lines to the lab sink.

For project hampden, it seems like they've done it all. Installed PVC piping, ran cable, pulled electric, wired boxes, painted walls, installed trim, painted floors, installed sinks, installed waste lines, fresh water lines, disposed of rats, patched walls, fixed toilets, installed shelves and even went across the street to install and hang a door, patch wall and trim work, install wall mounted tables and electric fans.

They're so handy, next week I'm sending a team to a Barn Raising!

Jeremy pulls the first shot of espresso in project hampden.

And finally, after a couple of delays, Lindsay finished installing the Linea 3AV and it was time to make coffee. Jeremy was the first barista to pull a shot of espresso in project hampden from Tulsa, Oklahoma's Doubleshot Coffee. Nice!