Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas In January

I love you, Mrs. Hanes!

After a very good and productive staff meeting that shut down Spro Hampden for the afternoon, Molly came by with a Christmas gift for me in tow. That was very nice and unexpected of her. And with the snow falling, very apropos.

The gift was a couple items from her home town, Winston-Salem. A porcelain coffee mug inscribed with the famous sights of Winston-Salem and a bag of Mrs. Hanes Moravian "Sugar Crisps" Cookies. Evidently, Mrs. Hanes is as famous in Winston-Salem as Otterbein's is in Baltimore. They're unique and a hallmark of Winston-Salem. I cautiously tried one.

Holy crap. They're absolutely brilliant! Light, perfectly crisp, evenly thin and just the right sweetness. I want to make some coffee or tea to enjoy with the cookies but I can't stop. They're delicious. Sugar cookie perfection. I'm a fan. A raving fan.

I can't stop eating them. As I'm writing this, my 226 gram bag is nearly half empty. I'm plowing through the cookies - they're that good!

Thank you Molly for bringing me a taste of the South.

A Merry Christmas indeed.