Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Super Whole Foods

For our Thanksgiving Day shopping excursion, we headed to the relatively new Whole Foods Market in El Segundo. It's fricken huge. Unlike the Whole Foods in Baltimore, this one seems just a bit more thoughtful with better quality ingredients. Not to mention Mexican foodstuffs like dried chiles and tomatillos.

Considering our shopping list, it looks like it's going to be a good Thanksgiving feast.

The Evil of Cinnabon

The D Concourse food court by gate D38.

Beyond the problem of crappy food at the airport is the relentless
boredom while waiting for your flight. I'd us during these times of
insane boredom does the horror come-a-calling.

I'm sitting in the food court of the D concourse at Vegas' McCarran
International Airport and that grotesquely sweet Cinnabon is calling
me as a lurid temptress would. I won't lie, I want her too. Badly.

But deep in my heart (and tummy), I know I don't need it. I'm just
trying to occupy this infernal boredom.

I will resist.

I must...

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