Thursday, September 03, 2009

ph: Some Details and The Chairs

Front door bumper.

While I enjoy the overall production of building a new shop, sometimes it's the little details that excite me. Like these door bumpers and hangers. Brass or brushed metal? These are monumental decisions that will set the tone for you can't have one and also the other. It must be unified. Some tell me that most people won't notice. True, but it's the nagging little bastards (like myself) who will - and hopefully, they will find as much joy in discovering the little details that I had discovering the little detail of the highly polished fire nozzles in the range hood at Volt Restaurant.

Maybe they won't notice that reverse trimmed chair rail behind the front door, but I know it's there and ready for that one time when some detail oriented fuck (like myself) will maliciously peer behind that door to see if the trim is trimmed out - mwahahaha!

Front door hook.

Then there's the front door hook. Again, another little detail that no one will probably notice. I needed it because I had removed the original hook left there by the previous tenant. It was too long and might poke a hole in my beautiful wall. It had to go but it left an unpainted spot on the door. A glaring unpainted spot. Either try to match the paint or replace it with a different hook. I think this one looks pretty good.

New lab floor and three compartment sink.

After the plumber came to estimate the job of locating the three compartment sink in the basement, it entailed jacking the floor and burying a pump tank underneath the floor, resulting in skyrocketing costs. Time to move the sink to the compromised, but workable location in the lab.

This also meant that we needed to install a washable floor and I decided to go with the Traffic Master vinyl floating floor in Country Pine to sort-of accent the existing pseudo-antiqued painted floor.

The chairs are looking too big.

Then there's the chairs. While spying and sitting on them at Second Chance, I thought they could be smashing with their hand-carved claw feet and detail work. The gold embroidered upholstery is a bit gaudy chic that's easily rectified with slip covers. The problem is that now that they're in the space, they seem too big. Dammit! Just when I think I'm getting closer, we step back just a little.

Anyone want to buy some really nice antique chair for cheap?

OMG: Deep Fried Butter

photo courtesy of The Food Network

You probably have seen this elsewhere but Abel Gonzales Jr. is a finalist at the 5th Annual Big Tex Choice Awards at the State Fair of Texas. Simply freeze balls of butter, batter and deep fry. The sensation is supposedly like that of buttered toast.

Now I'm all for butter. I'm all for buttered toast. But I'm certainly alarmed at the idea of Deep Fried Butter Balls. Until, that is, I think about it. Buttered toast... Hmm, might not be too bad.

Makes me want to run down to the Maryland State Fair today and eat everything fried in sight...