Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thank You Baby Jesus

My phone has been quiet lately and I've been wondering why.  No more incessant messages about whatever stream-of-consciousness BS someone out there in Twitter-Land is tweeting about.  No more non-stop messages to my iPhone about @this and @that person, or "re-tweets" - Good God, I've had enough!

Twitter is much more enjoyable in small doses, and this morning I logged in to the web interface to see what's been going on with the people I know in Twitter-Land.  Nice to see that some of my friends are doing fun and interesting things, while others continue on their daily diatribe, publishing tweets every 33 seconds.

As I logged in, I noticed the message above.  They tried contacting my phone but were unable to and suspended sending me Tweets... THANK YOU BABY JESUS!

Now the only time my phone beeps is when the chicks are texting.  A much more satisfying method of communication...