Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Ripped Off Q&A

Alright, it's been awhile and I've got a backlog of posts from my trips that are just burning to get out there. But I've been a bit busy lately so I thought I'd steal Capitol Swell's Q&A to pass the time...

1. Would you pose naked as art?

-Been there, did that. If you can find it, check out Honolulu Swingers Volume 23.

2. Favorite Chinese food?

- That chopped and wok fried dungeness crab at KJ Kitchen in Las Vegas. I covet that crab.

3. Who would win a fight between Captain America and Wolverine?

- Cap'n Wha? Who???

4. Why is Hugh Grant cool?

- Because he bedded down Elizabeth Hurley.

5. Capilene or wool?

- Capilene, because it maintains its' insulating properties when wet. And I like to get wet.

6. Iron Chef America - Tony Bourdain v. Bobby Flay. Secret Ingredient: Potato - who would win?

- First off, DEATH TO FLAY!!! Bourdain all the way!

7. Gills or wings?

- Wings, 'cause I believe I can fly. But it's hard to soar with Eagles when you're surrounded by turkeys...

8. Could you give up chocolate in all its' forms?

- Heresy! Absolutely not. Chocolate body paint is my fave.

9. Could you give up steak?

- Heresy Twice!!! DEATH TO YOU!!!

10. Heaven?

- Only if I can find the stairway.

11. Doors at the Hollywood Bowl or R.E.M. at The Cat's Cradle?

- Neither. I'd rather buy the DVD so I can sit at home, watching it through my PS3 BluRay player on my 65" HDTV in Dolby ProLogic surround sound, while in my boxer briefs eating a big steak with fries and a Coke.