Friday, April 16, 2010

Yo Soy Jack Bauer

Waiting for the call from Chloe.

Last month I was James Hoffmann. This month, I'm Jack Bauer, formerly of CTU.


Rouki is back in town and eating bread.

Southwestern Egg Rolls

Buffalo Chicken Wraps.

Ahi Salad.

Rouki Salad.

Julio and the cheesecake.

Everyone is together again.

SCAA Expo - Day One

Andy Newbom of Barefoot Coffee sports a Reg Barber earring.

Sarah Allen of Barista Magazine, Andy Newbom and Lem Butler of Counter Culture.

Miguel Meza of Hula Daddy grinds Spam Musubi.

Prototype Synesso hotness.

Glass Hario V60 drippers.

You know you've done something right when Kent, John and Guido of La Marzocco take a picture with you.

Begona waved my down at the La Marzocco booth to give me an Avo Uvezian cigar. She was so touched by Coffee and a Cigarette in 2006 that she's been waiting to give me a cigar in thanks ever since. Humbling.

With my coffee industry crush, Sarah Dooley.

Vince Piccolo working the 49th Parallel booth pulling shots. Not bad for an old man!

Barry Jarrett, Greg Scace and the highlight of swag: The Marty Mug.