Thursday, January 28, 2010

Paco Jetted

The Box thawing from the cold on my kitchen floor.

The message in my email box this morning said that the box had been delivered to project hampden yesterday. Huh? That can't be. I was at project hampden all day yesterday and we received nothing.

Did they deliver it to another address? Did someone else sign for it? Did someone actually steal it? Crickey, that would be bad news. I omitted other necessary equipment in order to secure this luxury unit.

Yes, refrigeration is important, but do I go with the Rolls Royce of refrigeration if I can get the Toyota of refrigeration and have extra money for fun toys? Toyota so I can have fun toys wins out, hands down.

When I checked the FedEx website, they evidently had attempted to deliver to project hampden but found that the address did not exist but somehow found my home address and delivered it there - unsigned. They left it at the front door.

Now, I don't live in a bad area. And it's unlikely that someone would steal the box, but it is out in the open and who knows who might happen onto the box sitting by the front door and take it home as a souvenir. Heck, I don't use the front door to my house so conceivably, a package could sit there by the front door for a month and I would never know.

My lonely box, sitting by the front door, longing to be let in from the cold. How lonely.

Ah, PacoJet! Arise!

Back in the project hampden lab, we opened the box with all the anticipation of the Ark Of The Covenant in Raiders of the Lost Ark - of course, I was Indy.

Eight beakers, some blades and a bunch of contraptions fill the box, along with a very serious and stern warning about completely understanding how to properly use the PacoJet otherwise you risk "expensive and costly" repairs. They stressed the expensive and costly part.

Lindsay prepares chocolate ice cream, artichoke sorbet and caramel ice cream for "pacotizing."

By the end of the day, Lindsay had returned from the grocery store with bags aplenty. After some makeshift magic with a borrowed cutting board, a Sitram pan, an induction top and a dinner knife posing as a whisk, four beakers of paco mixes chilled in the refrigerator. In the morning, we'll take them over to Anisha's and freeze for 24 hours before giving the PacoJet a proper shagging.

More to come.