Friday, September 21, 2007

Dead and No Water

The Linea: No water, no pressure, game over.

I arrived at The Spro this morning to find out that there was a water main break in Towson and our building was without water and would be without water for the forseeable future. Considering that coffee is 98% water, this is a problem.

Checked one of the bathroom faucets and it's blowing air. That's bad. Shut off the hot water tower and the espresso machine, but considering the air in the bathroom lines, there's going to be air in both machines too. Nothing major but an irritant nonetheless to correct later.

Luckily, the hot water tower still had some water left and I used the remaining boiler water to brew the mornings' rush.

Business is filled with adversity and one must find ways to overcome that adversity. The toughest part of the day is that I brought along all these ingredients to make salsa verde and guacamole, not to mention some steak to fry, and now all of that is kaput since we have no water for washing. Life is tough.

Plus the weather outside is brillant. Bright sunshine, clear skies and 86 degrees - what more could one ask for? Business is slow because of the signs letting people know we have no water so I'm sitting here waiting for the lunch crowd.

I'm able to make French presses of coffee because I've got my trusty red pot from Tokyo's Cafe L'ambre and my Thunder Range portable butane burner to boil water, so all is not lost.

But with the beautiful weather outside and Fiesta Mexicana on my mind, I think I just might close after the lunch rush (if there is one) and blow the rest of the day off and chalk it up to: "Water Main Broke - No Water."

Boiling water in the Red Pot.