Thursday, April 15, 2010

@ Intelligentsia Venice Beach

The living wall entryway at Intelli VB.

Black Cat Cappuccino and Serra Do Bone Cappuccino.

Like old times?

Going to L&L

Ana with Chicken Katsu Curry and BBQ Mixed Plate.

BBQ Mixed Plate: teriyaki beef, teriyaki chicken and kalbi beef with two scoop rice and mac salad.


Checking out the Spam Musubi for tomorrow's breakfast.

Previews from the SCAA Show Floor

Prototype La Marzocco stainless portafilter with quick release spout and table leveler.

Prototype La Marzocco Strada electronic espresso machine - bad ass.

Prototype La Marzocco Strada mechanical grouphead and gauges. Hot.

La Marzocco Vulcano espresso grinder with Mazzer Kony internals - disappointingly slow, just like the Kony. Pass.

Brian Ludviksen and the Euro 3,900 Marco Uber Boiler.

The new Bunn by the cup brewer. Why?

Cool La Raza Style for Barefoot's Tony Serrano and his refurb La Marzocco GS2.

Almost Nap Time

The Perils Of Travel

For the most part when traveling, things go smoothly. Then, every once a while, things get a little pear shaped. Like my toothbrush - crushed under the weight of travel.

$1.75 Coffee




Tammie's Corner House

Nessa, Rod, Polly and Al ponder the muffin sampler plate.

Almost done with the muffin sampler.

Vegetarian Chili Omlette (with bacon), Cayenne Fries and English Muffin.

Fried Eggs, Sausage, Potatoes and toast.

Eating en masse.

Gerry's Huevos Rancheros

Tammie's Corner House Cafe
190 Hermosa Avenue
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
(310) 372-4712

My Ride

Oooh La La!

The New Adventure?

Despite the fact that I've travelled all over the world, I still suffer from mild anxiety when flying. Will this be the flight that crashes? Statistically, I know it's unlikely but that doesn't help. I comfort myself in the knowledge that at 41,000 feet we have five miles to recover the aircraft before hitting the ground. It's not much, but it's something.

I'm just hoping that I get the upgrade to first class. Even though I no longer hold the status I once held, I'm told that I'm currently Number One on the upgrade list.

That way at least I have a modicum
of comfort as we crash and burn.

But here's hoping that today isn't that day...

BWI Breakfast