Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Can you guess what's in the box?

They say "Life is Hard" and I think they're right. Life is hard. It's tough, relentless and ever-demanding. But every once in a while you enjoy little victories that help make life just a little bit smoother.

At The Spro today was a box from my favorite Illinois-based scientific equipment company, PolyScience. Inside were not one, not two (and not even three), but four Thermal Circulators all lined up in a row. Spike happened to be at The Spro and with razor knives in our hands, we tore into the box, releasing the circulators from captivity.

Actually, two of them were destined for Woodberry and the third for Gran Cru. The fourth one goes home with me.

I'll report back later.