Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Steak Managua

Condiments for steak: salsa, chimichurri and mustard.

Julio and I are back out on the streets of Managua looking for something tasty to eat. We're off to another steakhouse specializing in Argentine style Angus beef.

But this time we've left the Flor de Cana Gran Reserva off the menu!

Melted cheese.

Roasted Lamb.

Ribeye Bone.

Entrana - juicy, fatty and delicious.

A Day By The Pool

The 5 Vegas Churchill continues...

With near freezing temperatures at home and nothing to do, what better way than to spend the day in the sun and by the pool?

In spite of the fact that my travel schedule has been hectic lately, I never really have a day all to myself. When most people travel, they're on vacation. When I travel, it's usually to do something of what I hope is valuable to others. Meaning that I rarely have time to myself.

Nicaraguan Style Nachos.

Today it's time to take advantage and enjoy. With the remainder of yesterday's 5 Vegas cigar in hand, a bucket of ice, Diet Coke, nachos, sun and a hotel pool all to ourselves, it's like being on Fantasy Island without the fantasy.