Saturday, January 23, 2010

ph: Trial By Fire Saturdays - Sort Of

Kimmy and Jeremy in hope of customers.

Since October, Saturdays are for training and today was no different. Well, sort of. After quite a delay, the plumbers have finally returned to bang, hammer, drill and saw their way through project hampden to finish running all the water and waste lines. With all the hellish cacophony going on, we sought refuge across the street for an impromptu breakfast at The Breeze Restaurant to pass the time.

An hour later, we return when the plumbers have descended into the lower level to connect the lines, leaving our bar area in working condition to do brewing drills. It's a relatively lazy Saturday training session of brewing drills highlighted by lots of photography, Trickling Springs butter and crusty old bread.

Lindsay takes orders.

Ilenia and Kimmy brew coffee.

Album cover art.

Jeremy Hyman.

Lindsay Wailes.

The Onocoffee.

Devlin Rice.

Ilenia Madelaire.