Friday, April 01, 2011

Día de Tontos de Abril - 42

Speeding it over to Polanco.

It's my birthday and I've returned to Mexico City for a few days of what supposedly is R&R (rest & relaxation) but really is R&R (Run & Run Faster). The weather is lovely but the traffic is at its' worst. Everywhere we go, the traffic is jammed and very slow moving. If I didn't have mucho experience with Manila traffic, I might get a little crazy.

As always, the DF is a crazy place. A wild mish-mash of colors, aromas, cultures and socio-economic realities. One moment there's someone begging on the street looking dirty and worse for wear, the next you're cruising along tree-lined streets as well-dressed Capitalenos wear Versace and sport Vuitton handbags, arriving in an E-Class Mercedes.

For a day that I've planned on dedicating to nothing in particular, it will be a busy one. A little work, a little play and a little touring. A visit to La Casa Del Habano will land me some rare Cuban Cohibas but also put an uncomfortable dent in my credit line.

But the food and company really can't be beat. Not a bad way to spend the first day of 42 years.

Guajolota Verde con Pollo

Guajolota Dulce.

Ladies making Tlacoyos. I really want one of those comals.

Ana and the Tlacoyo de Requeson.

A selection of Agua Frescas.

Boiling plantains in oil.

Costilla Carnitas ready for you.

Ordering tacos at Carnitas Lolita.

A sample of Lolita's Carnitas.

Dos tacos carnitas - antes (before).

Y despues (and after).

Sandia Agua Fresca.

George welcomes us to the Nespresso boutique in Polanco.

Sampling Nespresso Iced Coffee.

Even the ice cubes are shaped like coffee beans. Trick!

Diced carrots & calabasa at the ready.

Cilantro and chile pepper.

Pan toasting the rice.

Everything goes into the pot.

Reality check.

Chicken thighs.

We don't have this in the United States.

Pollo, hongos, elote, chipotle y crema.

Pollo con Crema with arroz.

Happy Birthday (to me)...

Chocolate Tres Leches Cake... Oh, my!

Quince Ate (that's ah-teh) y Queso Manchego.