Thursday, February 05, 2009

Not As Hot

As I sit here plugging away at all of the things that need to be finished before I head off to Pittsburgh in the morning, I decided to bust out a jar of Sadie's Salsa. While I was in Albuquerque, Maria called (a different one) asking if I would bring some jars of Sadie's Hot Salsa home for her. Sure, why not?

In addition to Maria's jars of salsa, I bought a couple extra for myself. A jar of "Hot" and a jar of "Not As Hot." I opened the "Not As Hot" today.

Now, I don't know what these New Mexico people consider "Hot" because this "Not As Hot" salsa is tearing me to shreds.

I've never thought of myself as a sissy but this is some hot stuff. So much so that I'm now scared of opening the "Hot" version. Even though I'm sweating, my mouth is ablaze in a hellish fury and I'm in no condition to drive, this stuff tastes darn good. It's delicious - in a burning in hell kinda way.

Here's to hoping the pain subsides.