Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Open Road, Again


Hiring and Alternative Brewing Techniques

I'm back on the road again. This time I'm off to Easton, Pennsylvania to participate in the annual Mid-Atlantic/Northeast Barista Jam being held by Cosmic Cup Coffee and New Harvest Roasters. It's a fun event and I've gone every year. Mark Inman of Taylor Maid Coffee in northern California will be giving the keynote speech and I will be presenting the alternative brewing techniques station.

Just what is "alternative brewing?" Well, it's certainly not quite brewing to the sounds of Clan of Xymox (but it could be). It's "alternative" in the sense that we're going to be showing brew methods different than espresso and drip - let attendees have the opportunity to try the brewing techniques they've read about elsewhere. Brewing methods like French Press, Vacuum Pot, Chemex and even the much-maligned-by-me Pour Over.

However, what we won't be brewing is the Never-Maligned-Enough-By-Me Automated Brewer aka Clover. I mean, how much can one tolerate the pushing of a button as "alternative"? I mean really.

Joining me will be Counter Culture Coffee's Guru Phil Proteau - that slightly strange, odd and definitely funny guy from Philadelphia, who will also be demonstrating brewing techniques and certainly schooling me on the finer points of Pour Over methodology.

There's a couple of other important people also giving demonstrations and lectures on Wednesday and Thursday but I can't recall who they are off the top of my head at the moment. But, Oswaldo Acevedo will be a guest of honor and that in itself should be reason enough to go.

How about more info?

Speaking of baristas and hiring. It's time to start thinking about the hiring of baristas for project hampden. If you, or anyone you know, is interested in learning our method of barista craft and can provide the highest quality coffee in a nurturing environment of hospitality, then send me your resume. Quite simply, we're going to build the most amazing coffee experience in America. Hiring will take place over the next month or two as we move closer to the opening.