Monday, January 18, 2010

ph: Juice, Sun, Rat

Jenny and Rebecca clear what will one day be project garden.

With temperatures threatening to hit 60F, it was a good day to get some cleaning done in project hampdens backyard. What will one day be a garden oasis in the middle of the city is today filled with vine clippings, broken concrete, soil, miscellaneous rubbish and a dead rat. Kudos to Jenny and Rebecca for cleaning things up and disposing of the rat - not girlish work, to be sure.

The electricians juice up the brew bar.

Meanwhile, our electricians were busy at work inside finishing up all the details that needed attending. Rewire the brew bar to accommodate the Fetco hot water tower, rewire the lab for a 30amp espresso machine, add a couple of outlets in various places and install the proper outlets for the 240volt equipment.

Now, it's just a matter of getting the plumbing squared away and installing the equipment.

Everyone comes outside to enjoy the sun and warm January weather.