Saturday, March 20, 2010

Butter In My Cherry Blossoms

Sharing her butter with me - a breakthrough?

Tonight we're in Virginia for Ashley Hirabayashi's coronation ball as the Hawaii State Society's Cherry Blossom Princess at the Officer's Club in Fort Myer.

Anisha and I end up doing quite a lot of things together but there's not too many occasions where we dress up for it - well, maybe the more accurate statement is that there's not too many occasions where I dress up because that girl always looks good.

Ashley dances hula for her guests.

Joining us at the ball are Dai and his wife Eleni and the two of them look absolutely stellar. Seriously classic. Seriously JFK and Jackie. In fact, Eleni looks straight out of the Kennedy White House. I've never seen them look so good.

Anisha and Eleni have only met casually before but it turns out that surprise lurks in the shadows. Soon they's talk of tattoos, rock 'n roll, muscle cars, motorcyles and secret rituals. I think Dai is about to have a heart attack. Heh. Me? I'm still in mild shock that she shared her butter with me...

It's an evening filled with catching up with old friends whom I haven't seen in a while. Hard to believe so much time has passed since all of us used to get together on a regular basis. But it's good because by now, Anisha has met just about all of my friends in the region. To meet any more, we're gonna have to start traveling.

Anisha and Eleni, all dolled up.