Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Travel Of Discontent

As I was getting into the elevator a few minutes ago, I spotted a NOAA pin on the jacket lapel of the gentleman getting off the lift. For some reason, this struck me as odd and I was suddenly discombobulated and lost in the world.

"Where am I?", I wondered.
"What country am I in?"

For a moment, I was lost. I couldn't remember where I was in the world. Was I in the United States?

After awhile, the continuous stream of hotel rooms, no matter how luxurious, begins to blend together. As luxurious as they may be, they're still not home. It's still a relatively generic hotel room - even with the 400 count Egyptian cotton sheets, fluffy bath robe and Aveda products. Truth is, I use L'Occitane products, a t-shirt and satin sheets at home, so it's quite a different experience...

A few seconds later, I had to remind myself that yes, I am still in America and I'm still in Seattle and that I think I'm going home today.

I'm still wondering when I'll actually be able to get some sleep.