Friday, July 15, 2011

Soup's Off

Ciao Soups On!

It's been coming for the past two weeks. I heard about it first through twitter. Soup's On, that venerable Hampden soup joint across from Spro, was closing.

Known for using fresh, local ingredients, Cynthia and her team have been making great soups, salads and sandwiches for several years now and would be one of the few places that I would buy lunch from on a regular basis because it's difficult to find really great quality food in the world.

Our Spro Send Off Kit: Iced Lattes and a bottle of Cava.

But now all of that is over and we spend the final few hours at the Soup's On Closing Down Party - where Spike noted that it's the only restaurant closing party he's ever been invited. Wine, beer, agua frescas, chips, dip, guacamole and their signature tuna fish sandwiches, along with a healthy stack of Courtney's cookies, were all on offer and many stayed into the night and way past the 7pm official closing time.

Hopefully someone will soon open another nice eatery nearby where I can have lunch!

Cynthia, Mary, Courtney and Justino - The Soups On Crew.

A stack of their famous tuna sandwiches. I ate as much as I could. For the last time.

Memo's crew pulls down the signage.

A crowd gathers.

Facing Future.

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Anime characters, Mexican Style.