Thursday, October 21, 2010

La Biferia

Scott Conary and Ian Clark

Mauricio and Lauro.

Our gracious hosts, Ana Julia & Luis Fernando.

Pretty good!

Tomato Salad...

Mixto de Chorizo y Morcilla y Arepa - very darn good.

Ian, Danilo & Jose pondering.

Through the looking glass.

Chuleton de Res.

Such good desserts.

And So It Begins...

Carolina: no rings...

Scared and flying high!

Scott preps his judges with morning calibration.

Day One and look at that audience. Amazing!

Judges relaxing in the lounge before the storm.

Senorita Varon doing her thing.

The crew from the local culinary school keeping it together.

Brent and the cappuccino.

Brent and the note taking.

Brent and the aeropress.

Scott makes sure everyone finishes their milk.

Talking to the judges.

Preparing a french press.