Monday, November 02, 2009

Eye of the Cam

Way back in February of 2008, I took the EuroStar from Paris to London to visit James Hoffmann and Stephen Morrissey. Upon my arrival in London, I was immediately chastised by both of them for using my iPhone to shoot images for this blog. Perhaps chastise is too light a word, beaten with a lorry is probably more appropriate and I switched from the iPhone to other cameras almost immediately.

Of course, back then I was shooting with a Canon EOS RebelXT that wasn't suitable for everyday shooting or a piece of crap Nikon LiteTouch point and shoot. That camera was the worst camera I ever owned. It couldn't lock focus, had terrible low light latitude and just was too damn slow in all aspects.

Since that time, I've acquired both a Canon G9 and Canon SD790is, which in addition to the Rebel is what has been fueling this blogs' images for the past couple of years.

Well, everything has gone to hell. A few months ago, the RebelXT decided to stop focusing so I sent that back to Canon CPS for a rebuild and haven't picked it up. Then, within a weeks' time both the screen on the SD790 broke, rendering it useless and the G9 just crapped out completely.

That G9 really is a pain in the butt because it freaked out and froze last October while visiting the Trinity Nuclear Site in New Mexico, forcing me to buy the SD790. Lame.

So at the moment, I am without a camera hence the iPhone images. Apologies, I am working on sourcing a new camera while I decide what to do about the G9.

Meanwhile I'm looking for a pocket-sized point and shoot with good resolution, good low light performance and quick focusing.

Better pictures will return because I don't like being bludgeoned by a lorry...