Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Something Different

Finally, I've taken the time to read something other than a business-related book. And what a pleasure it was. For awhile there I was just getting too bogged down in business books and nothing else. A narrow focus makes for a dull mind and I was certainly feeling a bit dull there.

I've been wanting to see the Broadway musical "Wicked" for quite some time now, but since I hardly get up to New York City anymore, it's kinda difficult for me to make it happen. Or perhaps I'm just not motivated enough to see a show by myself anymore.

Either way, I spotted the book at the local Border's Books and decided to pick it up. It's all about the Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, a certain Elphaba who would have become the Eminent Thropp and the leader of Munchkinland had she followed a different path.

There's too many reviews about the book already on the Internet so I won't go into it here. Suffice to say that the book started off pretty slow in the first few chapters. It almost lost me. Then it picked up steam and I plowed through most of it in a few days. I thought it was interesting to see a different view of The Witch and how she's not really "evil" - she's just another misunderstood person who sees things from a different point of view and has to live with the choices (or mistakes) she makes. Kinda like most people I know.

Now that Wicked is finished I'll be starting on a couple of other books I have queued up here. The choices are: "Beat The Craps Table" by Martin Jensen, or "The Game: Penetrating The Secret Society of Pickup Artists" by Neil Strauss.

I'll let you know later my choice.


Blue Brooklyn said...

A genius read. See the show at the Kennedy Center this winter!

Southern Skies Coffee Roasters said...

Fuckin' spammers... expresso machines indeed. Are "ads by google" that profitable?

yin-yang said...

i've been wanting to see WICKED but i hear wed. matinee was the only time available. i find it interesting how much our experiences can shape who we become, for better or worse and that it really boils down to nature vs. nurture. so, let me borrow that book.